About us

With a passion for Bass fishing and the great outdoors, Phat Pak Baits was formed during the middle of the Covid-19 Pandemic, in December of 2020. Our goal has and will always be to inject our baits with the highest quality dyes and  plastisol, and glitter, giving them the most lifelike feel and action of any bait on the market.

What sets us apart is we don't use generic plastisol for all our baits. Instead we use a custom blended plastisol unique to each mold. This means our worms and stick baits have never ending tail action as they flutter in place, in the water column. Our craws and swimbaits have the suppleness to give tremendous claw and tail kick, yet enough durability to provide multiple fish catches per bait. 

We are a customer feedback driven business and have made over 80% of our color and mold offerings through feedback and insight from our customer base. If you have a suggestion or idea, please reach out using either the Contact link or one of these methods below. Thanks for your business and Tight Lines!!



Phat Pak Baits LLC

916 N Allen Circle 

Mesa, AZ 85203