About us

With a passion for Bass fishing and the great outdoors, Phat Pak Baits was formed during the middle of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Our Mission is to provide an industry leading larger pack size, keeping the angler out on the water longer.

Our goal has and will always be to inject our baits with the highest quality dyes, plastisol, and glitter, giving them the most lifelike feel and action of any bait on the market.

Our plastisol is American Made, which means the quality of the plastisol was tuned to give the baits more natural movement in the water column, mimicking the prey the soft plastic is imitating, thus increasing the anglers odds in catching the fish, by making it very difficult for the bass to distinguish the real prey, vs our bait.

This means our worms are super soft and float, our stick baits are loaded with salt and slowly undulate down in the water column, our jerkbaits and swimbaits are durable, yet soft enough to give the bait more lifelike action, and our craws/creatures have floating claws.

We are a customer feedback driven business and have made over 80% of our color and mold offerings through feedback and insight from our customer base. Many of our colors were created from the actual baitfish or crawfish found in the wild, giving them that “Match the Hatch” look and feel, which ultimately increases an anglers confidence in the bait.

If you have a suggestion or idea, please reach out using either the Contact link or one of these methods below. Thanks for your business and Tight Lines!!



Phat Pak Baits LLC

916 N Allen Circle 

Mesa, AZ 85203