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[Best Selling High Quality Bass Fishing Baits & Lures Online]-Phat Pak Baits
[Best Selling High Quality Bass Fishing Baits & Lures Online]-Phat Pak Baits
2" SW Grubbie
2" SW Grubbie
2" SW Grubbie
Phat Pak Baits

2" SW Grubbie

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Our 2" SW Grubbie is the preferred choice of the youtube sensation "swfishing101", for panic box fishing when nothing else works, or when you are looking to go out and just get bites. It's a multi-species bait with a slender profile and will fool any game fish species into biting when getting a bite is difficult.

Our color selection allows the SW Grubbie to mimic a small minnow perfectly, allowing the bait to appeal to all sizes of gamefish in your waters.

We use the same plastisol in our swimbaits that we use in the SW Grubbie, giving it the durability needed to catch multiple fish but also it's soft enough to allow the curly tail to wiggle perfectly at even the slowest speeds.

Rod/Reel/Line: Use a 6' 6" to 7" medium to medium light spinning rod, with a 1500 or 2500 series spinning reel, and either straight 4lb florocarbon or 12lb braid to a 4lb florocarbon leader.

Rigging: For the business end use as light as a 1/32nd oz Ball head or Toadstool Ned Head. Simply thread the bait onto the jig head with the curly tail facing down on solid colored baits, facing to the side on laminate colored baits.

Additional Rigging Options: 


Swimbait Jig Head

Retrieval: The ideal retrieve is casting the bait out and slowly swimming it back with a steady retrieve, swimming and mimicking a little minnow. Another method is to cast the bait out allow it to rest on the bottom, than give it a pop, pop, pause which will cause the bait to shoot off the bottom and come back to rest on the bottom. They usually bite on the pause as it's resting on the bottom

Durability: Medium, 3-5 fish/bait

Length: 2"

Bait Design: The body shape from the head is circular/ribbed and rounded which tapers into a 1/2" curled tail.

Scent: Like all our baits they are heavily scented with our Phat Juice which is a Craw/Leech/Shad combination.

Salt: None

Floating: Yes