Wrecking Ball
Wrecking Ball
Wrecking Ball
Wrecking Ball
Wrecking Ball
Wrecking Ball
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Wrecking Ball

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Our Wrecking Ball, Jig Heads are made with either a medium wire 90 Degree VMC 9147 Aberdeen or an Mustad 32746 Extra Strong hook. Each "No Chip" Wrecking Ball is powder coated and baked to ensure maximum durability when dragged or bounced along rock, or any kind of hard cover. This coating also adds an extra layer of density, giving more sensitivity when contacting structure. We purposefully cover the eye of each hook to avoid any paint from hardening and creating sharp edges, which may fray your line and cause break-off. Each Jig-head is meticulously hand inspected before being packaged to ensure you'll have a sharp hook and the proper presentation for any soft plastic. Our Wrecking Balls pair perfectly with our 2.8" and 3.8" Phat Swimmers, our 2.8" Beasty Bug Jr Craws, our 2" SW Grubbie, and all other soft plastics we offer.

Rod/Reel/Line: Casting distance is key to fishing the Wrecking Ball, therefore go with spinning gear and use a 7'+ Medium Action Rod paired up with a 2500 series spinning reel. For the line fish 12lb braid to a 4 or 6 lb fluorocarbon leader.

Rigging: Simply thread the soft plastic nose or tail first first into the eye of the hook and thread it down so it lays perfectly horizontal with the shank of the hook

Retrieval:The ideal way to retrieve these is to line up to the offshore structure/ledge/brush pile being fished and make as long of a cast as possible, allow the bait to fall on semi slack line (sometimes they hit on the fall, so watch your line). When your line goes flat and Our Wrecking Ball it's on the bottom, give your rod tip a quick jerk upwards, so the bait shoots up off the bottom, and begin a slow steady retrieve, making sure to keep the Our Wrecking Ball Head on the bottom or contacting the structure for the duration of the retrieve. When fishing brush piles perform a similar retrieve but begin swimming back the Wrecking Ball along the outside edges or tips of trees.

Length (Shortest to Longest):

Size 2 = 0.86" - VMC 

Size 1 = 0.98" - VMC 

1/0 = 1.33" - VMC 

2/0 = 1.53" - VMC

3/0 = 1.64" - Mustad

4/0 = 1.85" - Mustad

Weights (Heaviest to Lightest):

1/4 oz

3/16 oz

1/8 oz

3/32 oz

1/16 oz


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