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Phat Juice

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Our Phat Juice is the secret recipe we pour onto all our soft plastics right as they are bagged up, which ensures the fish hold onto your bait longer and slowly disperses in the water. It combines 3 of the most popular forage species Bass prey on which are Shad, Leech, and Crawfish into one irresistible bite the fish won't let go of. This is the "A1" sauce on your steak, Tight Lines!!!

 It comes in a 4oz bottle with a small dropper sized cap, because a little goes a long way with the level of concentration we pour into the recipe.

Simply Pour 20-30 drops into a bag of plastics and they will soak it up. While fishing the scent will disperse down in the water, attracting the fish and allowing them to hold onto the bait longer.